Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Take Me Away....

Nothin much to update tho. however this what ive been up to.. :)

p.s. im lovin her company :)

weddings and beach parties and parties and weddings

then comes

coffee / catch up session ... :D

dinner over lunch and lunch over dinner

Lovin the beats of John Legend and Robin Thicke

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank You!!!

Field trip was great with the bunch and the prof.... the iconography of those places grasp lots of my attention especially the ones with unit no. 333..... i could say that the atrium are just marvelous.. and in the afternoon had a meeting with my prof and it awesome....

after the trip I was at a 'happy homecoming parade for the Ozians Olympiad' with Geoff and Mark.. thanks guys for accompanying...

One of the gold medalist (i reckon shes in either the sailing or swimming events)...

Lovin this picture:

however for the time being i will leave u with my 'so long not talking to each other best friend'

ill be back in a jive...........


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Should i?

Is anyone up to join me watchin Kanye West in Concert in Singapore.... would kill myself to go... and i thank god for letting the concert to be reschedule to the end of October instead of the 19th September.. i think its a sign for me to go...

its sooner than you think... IM PROCRASTINATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 7, 2008


Gurls and Boys.... i will be back in a Jive.... Have a wonderful Ramadhan.... roll on.. and i will update myself soon.. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wanna Dance Free

You know its been awhile i choreograph stuff and its been awhile i step my feet inside a studio with mirrors around... i just wannna do it like the old times..would rent out a studio and express it with crazy dance moves.... was just wondering Who are on the go with me?...i miss doing freestyle in the studio with loud music.. :)

counting the days....... its the 3rd day of puasa.. and to those who has been calling for mengyungkaikan.. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. I really appreciate it....

Yours truly

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Its So Smooth!!!!

Just finith watchin GG.. a smooth story line on the first episode of the second season.. they kick off with the Gossip Girls in the East Hamptons with the White PARTY.... And i cant believed how everyone can change their attitude within one summer.. :D Im expecting more dramatic scenes in the upcoming episodes....To you fanatic fans Its not too late to watch it and its not too late to watch the first season.. :) im just lovin the series...

Oh yeah!!! Happy Ramadhan Al Mubarak Everyone and now is the month of September and the month of ramadhan.. im happy that its sooner than you think for that day :).... Thee... im in cloud 9...

rockin music


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh my damn!!!!

hahahha...now almost the end of summer in the states and almost the end of winter in the land of down under... Flowers starts to bloom in Spring in the land of down under and leaves starts to fall in fall in states... Beautiful it is... in weeks time a few of my favorite and beloved series will be aired below are such bloopers and spoilers..


Prison Break returns with more twist and clues that viewer and fanatic fans really expect it to be much more nasty... hahahahaha rumors says that 'Syclla' is the title for 4th season.. wonder what it means... kicks in the states teevees on the 1st September.. looking from the pictures.. im guessing someone is comming back for R.E.V.E.N.G.E


Gossip Girls returns.. so to those lot who missed the 1st season better catch up now before the season 2 starts on the 1st of September.. (sneak preview: from the pictures found for the second season.. all i can say is that its steamy, fashionably and trendy... ) another bloopers: They all kicked off the episode with the white theme.. not a wedding its a summer party..


Long hardcore Heroes fanatic fans have been waiting for this.. Heroes returns with their third season and kicks off the teevee on the 22 September.. more super powers i guess... hahaha


Chuck ended with a preety nasty ending where he is at the verge of being known to be the secret to everything.. i wonder how he copes out with his new life.. airs on september 24th...

Last but not least


My all time favourite ENTOURAGE is airing 7th September 2008 - All i can say is the boy is back, wilder side of them, wilder girls, rocking awesome cars and places, and beautiful people.. Its Entourage Baby!!!!! i wonder wheres my collectors editions of entourage.. of season 1 and season 2..

most of the fall series are starting to play.. thanks to the stop of the writers strike.. now we get back our series back to its feet... i reckon i wont leave my home again.. hahahahahah

so i need a BIGGER HARD DISK SPACE.....

I want a......

For the time being....

You know ive been thinking to avoid the Cyber world for a bit and come back with a change.. however i doubt it that will happen anytime soon.. at the moment despite the tragic that happen a few days ago and yet im hoping for a miracle...

im trying to think of the positive side... to cheer up and what so ever... im grateful and thank you to those who has been a good moral support to me.. You know who u are...

Last but not least ive been thinking to get myself a Macbook Pro.. should i? just to cheer me up.... but i have to work my ass off for it and come up with a good reason.. siapa mau balikan aku as my birthday present... :)

another thing.. still waiting for my iphone 8gb to arrive insyallah tommorow.. :p

cant believe we are almost at the middle of august.. it just felt like yesterday was July and now we are arriving to September.. then October.. then November then December.. then new year.. wow.... im guessing that i will spend most of the time traveling :D

to my beloved cousins and friends.. i miss you lot as always.. :)